One of the excellent features of Zoom is the filthy daughter layout. The size of participants found in a video seminar varies, from 100 to 10,000 participants, which are publicly available and 100 interactive video participants. Users whose software creates URLs can use this feature to invite other participants to the web page. URL links can be copied and published to social media platforms and instant messaging programs. You can also invite by email. This can be done quickly by integrating with email and software clients.


The Zoom Cloud video conferencing feature helps you host dynamic web pages. This feature allows you to view the presentation screen with screen members. This is called a dual-screen support system. It also offers HD video and HD audio with dynamic voice search. Another component of video conferencing software that enhances seminars is a dynamic screen display. Users can share the entire desktop screen with the client’s active browser window with illustrations and images. The Zoom Video Webinar feature increases remote access to websites and content sharing and facilitates delivery of training, company or organizational discussions.

Another feature of Zoom is team collaboration. This feature allows you to create user groups and instantly send text, images or audio files to members of that group. You can also invite other people to groups and access them from your smartphone. Drag-and-drop feature allows users to share files like documents, photos and videos instantly. When sharing files, users can comment on files and comment together, or add comments and notes to documents. Group video conferencing also allows the host to easily share their screen on a desktop computer or mobile device. This feature enhances teamwork and collaboration, removing communication barriers between teams and employees.

Zoom also has a unique feature that allows users to record virtual meetings in MP4 and M4A video formats via the network or mobile devices. This cloud computing and local meeting recordings allow users to easily save videos for future reference, which requires third-party recording devices to capture appointments, facilitating the video recording process. Distance.

Zoom function

  • Video
  • Teamwork
  • Cloud and local recording
  • Expansion of the conference and the hall
  • Full order
  • Advanced audio


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