How to use Zoom for Apple TV, Smart TV, Zoom Meeting on TV

By | May 10, 2020

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Zoom for Apple TV is fantastic on your cellphone or computer, but imagine a situation that needs to be put on the big screen. If you take an online yoga class, you can take the Zoom for the Apple TV test. Do we have to give up or everything must be beautiful Zoom for Apple TV provides professional answers to meetings in your organization. Despite Zoom Rooms, home customers only need to use it on their TVs. There are many other ways to use the “Zoom for Apple TV” function on a TV, but it is divided into two areas: cable or remote. The advantage is that relationships with people become more and more stable (the situation does not turn bad). Also, the advantage of the remote control is that you can keep your cellphone and camera close.

How to enable Zoom on Apple TV

  1. Turn on Apple TV.
  2. Navigate to the Settings app from the Home screen.
  3. Select General.
  4. Select Accessibility.
  5. Zoom under the Vision section.
  6. Select Zoom to toggle to the On position.
  7. To adjust the maximum amount the Zoom feature increases, select Maximum Zoom Level.

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Zoom for Apple TV

How to design long conferences on TV

1. Design and extended Android conference on TV

To set up a Zoom for Apple TV conference on an Apple TV with an Android device, you must first install the ApowerMirror application on your Android device. Follow these steps. Download ApowerMirror on your Android smartphone and Smart TV. At that time, both devices were involved in the same WiFi implementation.

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Launch the application on your Android device and click the blue mirror button to identify your TV. At this point, click on the name of the TV to make the connection. You can scan or check the QR code on the TV on the interface. At that moment, the cellphone screen immediately appeared on the TV. Launch the Zoom application on your Android device and attend the Zoom meeting. At this point, you can broadcast the meeting on TV and watch the meeting on TV.

2. Streaming conferences extended to iOS TV

To set up a Zoom for Apple TV conference on TV with an iPhone or iPad with an iOS device, the ApowerMirror application must first be installed on an iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps. Download ApowerMirror on your iOS and smartphone. Then connect the two devices (iPhone / iPad and TV) to the same WiFi configuration.

Launch the application on your iDevice or iOS device and click the blue mirror button. Sit and let the application recognize your TV, then click the name of the TV. Or you can search or refill the QR code connection. At this point, open the “Control Center” on your iOS device and click “Mirror on screen” to search for your device. Tap the name of the TV to reflect the iOS device on the TV. Finally, go to an extended conference on your iPhone / iPad. This is shown on TV.

Zoom for Apple TV

3. Meet the Zoom for Apple TV project from PC to TV

Using an HDMI connection makes it easy to watch Zoom conferences on your TV. Thus, if there is no chance, you can transfer the Zoom for Apple TV from the computer to the TV. To understand how to do the following After downloading ApowerMirror to your Smart TV and PC, you must connect your computer and TV to the same WiFi network.

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