Zoom for Computer Download Free, PC, Mac, Windows 10,8,7

By | June 25, 2020

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Zoom for Computer Download Free, PC, Mac, Windows 10,8,7: Zoom is one of the most popular software that allows you to conduct online chat, audio, and video conferencing. You can either host a meeting or join a meeting hosted by some other member.   You can invite any person including the ones who don’t have an account in Zoom of your group to conduct a meeting for chatting. Zoom app allows all the users in multiple platforms like Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Unix, IOS, and Android to use it.   It saves all the energy and time which you might use to go to an office or university.  Zoom app allows all the users in multiple platforms like Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Unix. You can even use it on mobile platforms like IOS and Android.  Any member willing to join just needs to download the Zoom software by following the simple steps mentioned below.

You need to keep in mind certain pros and cons of the Zoom for computer free.

Pros of Zoom app for computer Free

  • You can conduct a meeting with 100+ participants and then enjoy conversation with them. You can also break the bigger group into smaller chat rooms to encourage privacy and allow everyone to chat.
  • The Zoom app for a computer allows you to do video conferencing in HD with 720p or 1080p resolution. You can switch between both with your comfort.
  • You can record the meeting to document it for future use.


Cons of Zoom app for computer free

  • As Zoom for computer free version allows you to Zoom us download video content in HD, it also consumes a large amount of data. You may wanna have a strong wifi connection for such video meetings.
  • If the internet connection is not so well, you may face some trouble. The video may lag while doing video conferencing. The voice may break sometimes in case you don’t have fast internet availability.
  • You may not wanna disclose private features in Zoom as it broadcasts to a large number of people.

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Zoom app Download on your MAC OS Catalina version

The steps are the same for other versions.

  • Open the safari or other internet browser app in your MAC device. You can use any search engine to navigate to the Zoom website i.e. Zoom.us.
  • If you visit the website for the first time, it would ask for cookies on the site. You should click on the accept option and then continue.
  • Then you can click on sign up for free. You can enter your google account for it.
  • You would get a confirmation email. Then You can click on the link for activation in it.
  • Later, you can enter your user name and password.


You can download the Zoom app from the same website. You should make sure you have the latest version.  After downloading, if you don’t see it in your dock, go to finder and then application.  Search the keyword “Zoom”.  You can launch the app and then start meeting instantly. You have the option to join the meeting without an ID. Then you can click on the join meeting.  Then, you would be asked to enter the meeting ID of the host and your user name. You can enter it and then freely join the meeting.

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