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By | April 17, 2022

Zoom Live Training: You may have heard of more comprehensive communication tools, such as Slack. However, many teams feel that there are not enough features to meet the requirement if the number of slaves exceeds the requirements.

Business leaders should talk to like-minded people via text or phone chat. As well as live training that is often effective. You should also share, edit, save and update files in real-time during your live training. Especially as remote working continues to grow (44% in the last 5 years), with Live training tools. Like-minded people have connected somewhere and use anytime, anywhere.

In addition to sharing documents, the Zoom Live training lets you see up to 49 like-minded people right on the screen at once. In other words, everyone feels as if they are in the same room. Even if they are connected at different times and on different devices.

Zoom live training

Prepare a Live training

To schedule a live training, the organizer can send an email with a link to the virtual live training room, regardless of whether Zoom Live training is installed for anyone the team should contact. If you don’t zoom, the download page will appear immediately. The organizer can send the participant identification Live training. Attendees can join the live training by merely entering their ID on the Zoom website.

You can also schedule appointments for desktop and mobile apps for Outlook and Google Calendar Zoom Live training.

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Join Live training

Joining Live training and making Zoom Live training calls is very simple. Click on the link sent by the organizer or enter the conference identification code in your application or website, and you will be taken there.

If the Live training organizer does not start, live training participants and other participants are placed in a virtual “waiting room” to start. At the start of the live training, you will be asked to select screens and video features.

Zoom us Download

Zoom Videoconferencing

Video conferencing (not just the organizer) allows everyone to choose to share screens, download files, and add comments to the files being discussed. In addition to adding comments to the file itself, users can also use the white function to explain the project and develop strategies.

Private texts or chats are always available during live training, so you can quickly ask questions and share ideas with other like-minded people.

Team members can select the screen displayed in the video call. That way, you don’t need to know your own home office and worry about what’s going on in the background of the cafe where you work.

Other standard video chat features include:

  • Functional contact-making function
  • Password protected conference
  • Ability to broadcast video Live trainings with Zoom Live training on YouTube
  • Registration / session registration
  • Possible scenarios for recorded Live training
  • Turn sound on / off during the Live training
  • Anonymous voting election
  • Text closed during live training.

Zoom webinar

Zoom room

The Zoom Live training function allows you to create “sophisticated cameras” during a videoconference. The host can separate participants into up to 50 “groups” to manage specific tasks, exchange ideas, and discuss projects. The organizer can manually select the people in the room or assign groups at random.

After the Live training in the room, participants are automatically transferred to the group live training. That way, you don’t have to re-register.

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