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By | February 17, 2022

Before starting a zoom on iPad, you must register to get a free account and download the IPad application. Not currently available on the App Store. Go to www.zoom.us and click the [Free Registration] button on the top right of the screen.

How to use Zoom on iPad

Zoom for iPad

After the client has finished downloading, the zoom, the pkg file remains in the ‘Downloads’ folder. Double click and follow the instructions to install the program.

If you cannot install zoom for iPad application according to your security settings, that doesn’t mean you don’t have this error, but it does mean that there is no zoom for iPad in the App Store. Open an IPad application from an unknown developer and read how to fix this limitation. After installing the application and launching it, the main screen will appear. This is it. Ready to talk.

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How to use the zoom on iPad

If you’ve attended a meeting in the Zoom desktop app, you know how to sign up. The organizer sends the link via email, text, or Zoom application (if you share Zoom’s contact information). ) Click the URL, and the zoom for the iPad app will automatically join the meeting.

Ditto for mobile devices. Join the meeting If you receive an email from installing the Zoom mobile app, click on the meeting URL and the Zoom Cloud meeting will start adding you to the meeting. If the zoom for iPad Cloud Meeting is not installing, the screen appears. At this point, you need to download and run the application. No Zoom account require to attend the meeting.

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How to set and use the zoom: a new meeting

Because “Zoom” is primarily a video calling platform, “Video Start” is usually turned on, but if you want to control when and when you share videos with other users, clear the checkbox. Of course, there are some easy controls when buzzing to turn on or turn off the video during a call.

The method for using My Meeting ID (PMI) is different. This is to use your meeting place. It’s best for a live meeting for the speaker too, zoom for iPad said. Great for quick conversations with coworkers because you only need to enter your meeting ID to attend the meeting at any time.

Clicking the “New Conference” button will make a new call yourself. In most cases, you will be asked to give “Zoom” permission to use the headset and camera computer, so you can approve and start the first call.

Zoom us download

How to set and use the zoom app: use controls

On the screen, when you move the mouse so you can see it on the camera, a series of options is displayed at the bottom of the screen. On the left is:

Security – You can lock the meeting, prevent others from attending the meeting, use the waiting room (must approve all new participants), or use the various features available for meeting participants.

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How can I invite you to a Zoom meeting?

When you click on the “New Meeting” button, you call or call, so you need to add more people so you can talk. To do this, click the “Participants” tab opens the side panel on the right. Will appear at the bottom.

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