Zoom vs Webex: The Best Video conferencing Apps Face Off on Features

By | May 17, 2020

Zoom vs Webex: The Best Videoconferencing Apps Face-Off on Features: WebEx meetings are ideal for large organizations or companies that organize many external meetings. WebEx Meetings is the right choice for buyers who want to integrate web conferencing, tutorials, and cloud system tools because they are easy to use with other Cisco WebEx communication tools.

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As for the size of your company, zoom vs WebEx is evenly distribute among IEMs, media outlets, and companies. Business buyers usually use WebEx meetings. Cisco is a top-rated company in the software and hardware category. That’s why users with multiple Cisco products may also consider choosing Cisco as their web conferencing tool.

zoom vs WebEx


At first glance, zoom vs WebEx meetings are very similar products, but with unique features, you have to consider this feature when choosing it. Zoom is suitable for fabrics of all sizes or in periods of rapid growth or change. They are designed for your business needs. This allows you to integrate online meetings, seminars, and conferences. It is also suitable for users who want to integrate web conferencing programs with VoIP software and team chat. Commentators find zoom vs WebEx quotes high quality online, especially when it comes to audio and video, and the user interface is easy to use.

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WebEx vs Zoom

The zoom vs WebEx meeting having the same package. All offer free services with similar features. The main difference between the two software apps is that the free WebEx meeting plan allows users to organize any meeting.  While zoom vs WebEx limits the meeting time for each meeting to 40 minutes.

WebEx meeting is $ 13.50 per host / $ 17.95 / month per host. With Zoom, the price per host of the small team is $ 14.99 / month. The medium team is priced at $ 19.99 / month per host. This product extends the integration of different applications. The functionality to use different communication tools (browsers, VOIP, etc.).

Zoom for Apple tv

Zoom is the cheapest option for $ 19.99 per month for a host. WebEx meetings for $ 26.95 per month for a host. This level allows users to increase the number of participants. WebEx meeting With a capacity of up to 200 participants. Zoom has increased the number to 500, allowing users to take advantage of solutions from websites. Thus, shoppers who use large organizations that require online meetings in all industries will find that using Zoom can save them more money.

zoom vs WebEx


WebEx meetings are famous for being able to organize meetings on various devices. However, learning to access and use some advanced features (e.g. interface definitions) can be difficult. Reviewers also report that WebEx meetings are more delayed than other web conferencing tools.

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Zoom is praise for its general usefulness. It is sometimes known that there is no user interface. In particular, the “Stop meeting” button is trendy among commenters. It has a “Sara” function that does not change with the location of the screen. If the most straightforward settings are requiring, zooming may not be the right choice.

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